Global Missions

Hope supports numerous missions around the world. The Missions Team provides not only financial support, but also prayer and encouragement to these individuals serving God throughout the world. One of the most significant events the Missions Team sponsors is our annual Missions Celebration each fall. During October, Hope opens its doors to many of our missionaries offering face-to-face encouragement, support and prayer to our partners in spreading the Gospel. In turn, the missionaries educate the Hope family on their successes, challenges and the future goals of their respective ministries. If you would like to become involved in this vital ministry of Hope, please contact : Dave Rucquoi

HOE Ministries

HOE Ministries, Inc. (Hope for Orphans of Ethiopia), is a non-profit Christian organization founded in January 2007, committed to reaching out to the impoverished orphan children of Ethiopia.

* The Ethiopian AIDS pandemic has afflicted this country of approximately 77 million people and has left countless numbers of homeless children living on the streets and in the many orphanages throughout the country.

* Ethiopia is now in a time of crisis: drought, crop failure, and the rising cost of food contribute to a countrywide famine.

HOE Ministries mission is to provide the immediate basic necessities of food, clothing, medical care,
and education and most importantly, the security of a warm and friendly family environment along with a hope for the future. Tom Mustico, founder of HOE Ministries, established this non-profit organization focused solely on helping the poor, parentless and destitute children in Ethiopia. It is supported solely by individuals and organizations from Ethiopia and overseas. Since being founded in 1992 under supervision by Hanna Teshome, 22 orphan “homes” have been established, caring for over 180 children on a full-time basis, providing housing, food, nutrition, healthcare and educational needs.”

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